About Dr. Cindy

Cindy Dowsett is a registered Doctor of Acupuncture in Calgary, AB. Formerly practicing as Dr. Cindy Laudan-Ho, she has been providing her services since 2011 and takes pride in her patient care. She understands that each person and condition is unique and tailors her approach to fit your needs.

Beginning her training in Psychology and health sciences at the University of Calgary, Cindy branched out to study Chinese Medicine in Victoria, B.C. After completing her acupuncture diploma, she returned to Calgary to finish her Doctorate, completing her final clinical hours at the Mian Yang TCM Hospital in China before returning to her home clinic. Mother of two, Cindy understands busy schedules and lifestyles, which is why she provides an onsite playroom (unsupervised) so that you can get your treatment time in when needed. Your children are also welcome to stay with you in your room-in fact we encourage them to receive treatments at the same time! (Needle-less options available). *playroom closed during Covid-19. Please arrange for childcare for the time being

Dr. Cindy Dowsett (Laudan-Ho) Doctor of Acupuncture, Reiki Master.