Acupuncture First Visit (90 min) $100

Acupuncture follow up (60 min) $80

Needle-less Acupuncture* (30 min) $40

Ear Acupuncture (30 min) $40

Cupping only (30 min, 1-2 body areas) $60

Reiki (60 min) $90 plus gst

Herbal consultation (60 min) $60

Price waived if herbs are discussed and ordered during acupuncture session.
All herbal formulas are ordered through Bema Botanicals, based out of Vancouver, B.C.  Products are made from GMP manufactured TCM herb extract and screened for bacteria and heavy metals.  Each order is made specific to each patient, and an invoice will be provided once the formula has been ordered (Bema does not provide a clear herb cost breakdown therefore we are unable to provide an exact cost prior to ordering with the exception of general product we keep in clinic).  On average, 100g costs around $63 after tax. If you have a formula designed specifically to your needs, or have opened a sealed generic formula, no returns or refunds will be allowed due to the fact that each formula comes sealed for your protection and we would be unable to sell your herbal formula to another patient.

*Needle-less Acupuncture includes seed stickers and cold light laser (coming soon).
Acupressure costs are the same as acupuncture.